Spaghetti Squash Feed Bags

Relating back to my previous article Potato Planters From Feed Bags my son and I finally got a chance to try out this planting trick. My wife had recently purchased a spaghetti squash at the market. It sat in our cupboard for some time before she was ready to prepare it. During that time the seeds inside the squash had just began to sprout. We prepared a planter by folding a feed bag down halfway on the outside. Then we filled it slightly over halfway with soil, then covered the soil with a thick layer of wood chips to help retain moisture.

feed bag planter from the side

The squash that had already erupted from the seed pods continued to grow quite well. It seems like almost all of them lived as shown by the thickness of the plants in the picture below.

thick squash plant germination

It will be necessary in the near future to transplant these squash out into the soil or I may use more individual feed bag planters. A subsequent post will reveal what I eventually decide.

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