Herbing About

When my wife goes out herbing about she finds all kinds of little interesting fellows many of which I can't even remember the name of such as this little guy.

cute purple flower

When we do not recognize a plant or can not remember its name we often use a plant identification index such as the one pictured here with a cute little yellow bookmark.

plant identification index

Sometimes when herbing about one finds a magnificent discovery such as this large growth of wild mint in a field nearby.

large growth of purple flowered mint

When you find a deposit of herbs this large it is very nice because you can harvest some and there is still plenty to feed the roots for a replenished crop next year.

harvesting some of the mint

When I was younger growing up there was a plant we commonly called "touch me nots". It was a watery green plant with bright vivid orange blooms. It was a fun plant for the young kids because the seed pods on the plant would ripen to the point that when you touch them they would pop apart. It was a delight a young child to try to pinch the really fat seed pods and watch them explode on contact. I later found out another name for this plant is jewel weed. A small specimen is picture below, I have experienced growths of this plant in really damp areas that were above head height.

jewel weed

Pretty yellow flowers are a stunning characteristic of the St. Johns Wart. This herb has multiple benefits but can also interact with certain medications so care should be taken with this or any other herb for those with medications or health ailments.

saint johns wart

We have a drying rack above our propane heater in the Kozy Kottage. It is a great place to dry damp gloves, mittens and hats in the winter after playing in the snow. In the late summer it is a great place to tie up bunches of herbs to dry like this sweet fern and golden rod.

drying sweet fern and golden rod

Sometimes after herbing about it is convenient to just leave your herb collections in an open container in a sunny location by the window in order to dry them. This is the method used for the clover and mullein blossoms pictured below resting atop our medicinal herb manual. If you have an abundance leaving them on a screen in the open air will also work wonders.

drying clover and mullein blooms on the med herb book

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