So I was on Twitter earlier today and saw the hashtag FirstSevenJobs was causing quite the stir as L.V. Anderson a whiny liberal from Slate had written an editorial demanding people stop posting under the hashtag. Her illogical reasoning was that it is an attempt by the upwardly mobile to mask their privilege. Not everyone was born into her privilege. Not everyone had Mommy and Daddy pay for an Ivy League school. She even went as far as to claim that it would be more appropriate for them to post instead #MyParentsJobs to reveal to people their privilege. Well for this post I decided to do both


Share Crop Farmer (Tobacco, Cabbage, Beans, Tomatoes)
Nantahala Rafts Inc. (Raft Guide, Janitor, Whatever the boss needed done)
Winn-Dixie (Produce associate, in at 5 am of the morning)
Security Forces Inc. (Working 40+ hours a week while a full time college student)
Salvation Army (1st job out of college, work with kids in afterschool program)
Reserve National Insurance Co. (Traveling health insurance salesman)
Employers Security Company (2nd job to help pay bills when Insurance sells were low)

MyEigthJob which by the way, was the first job I landed after graduating from college which utilized my degree in Biochemistry.

Pathologists Medical Lab (Cytology Technician)


Sewing Machine Operator for 30+ years until NAFTA moved her job to Mexico.
Dead Alcoholic
Road Crew Worker for 30+ years

I guess L.V.'s Ivy League privilege has kept her out of touch with what it does actually take to have mobility in America. It takes real work ethic and a willingness to meet the demand in the market. Something a whiny liberal editor at Slate probably has a difficult time understanding, it would require an understanding of economics. The fact she is a whiny liberal excludes her from having any true understanding of market economics.

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